Featured work

Vauxhall - Pyjama Mamas

  • Directed by Blake Claridge
  • Edit by Blake Dixon
  • Composite by Andy T
  • Maya 3D by Andy T
  • Produced at McCann London for Vauxhall




Hello and welcome to Composite London. My name is Andy T and I have been working in Television/Video production and post production for over 20 years, covering most primary aspects. I was a video editor for seven years both freelance and PAYE staff using Avid and Final Cut 7. Nine years as a compositor, 3D (Maya) and 2D, using After Effects, Shake, Nuke and recently Flame/Smoke etc. My job titles have included Senior Compositor, Senior Editor (Off/OnLine).



TV Cartoons 93-95

          With this Oscar Winning traditional animation company, I was involved in three productions. The Beatrix Potter Series for Carlton. Wind in the Willows Series for Hit Entertainment and also Famous Fred for S4C. All the editing was performed on a Steenbeck!

Mentorn Barraclough Carey 95-96

          MBC produced four entertainment news shows a day! Exclusive (Channel 5), The Ticket (NBC), VIP (NBC) and The Movie Café (Channel 5). In this extremely busy working environment, a production assistant had many responsibilities, from organising transport for interviewees and crew, to caption generation on the Aston for the live recording. Going to shoots to assist in set-up of lights, camera equipment etc. Also tape IDs and Library systems.

London Post Production 96-97

          Avids were used frequently. Client attended edits, as well as basic titles and graphics. Most work was corporate with a little broadcast. Clients included MTV and VH1, (promos etc) and Sparfax inflight TV.

Pukka Group 97-02

          Initially employed as an Editor, as the company grew, I was put in charge of all Pukka Groups systems (this spanned three companies). This ranges from a £1M installation and oversight of all edit suites. Set-up and oversight of all office equipment, Mac’s and PC’s. And also network management for all systems (too many to mention here). The Pukka Group consisted of three companies, of which I was responsible for all systems. On top of all this, I was also head of the graphics department! Using a Media 100, After Effects and Illusion. The graphics departments’ remit included, feeding seven edit suites and one sound suite. Also, compression of video to stream-able media for web access, preliminary design and guide line design of all pukka web sites and branding (letter heads, t-shirts, business cards etc).

Liquid TV 02-12

Employed as an CG Animator/Compositor using Maya, Shake, Nuke, Final Cut Pro etc. I enjoyed multiple positions including Senior Compositor, Senior Editor and Systems Administrator. I was also responsible for the up keep and running of the studio when the Director of Animation department is away or indisposed. This includes, insuring deadlines are met and are on budget. Budgeting jobs, allocating staff and TD work. Oh and of course producing compositions under direction and also for self managed projects.

Freelance 12-Present

Working remotely or on-site providing editing, graphics, and visual effects services for corporate and broadcast.